About us

Karine Dubreil:

a true artist of perfumery

Above all else, Karine believes that to create a fine fragrance, you must choose exceptional ingredients.

Uncompromising when it comes to quality, constantly seeking out the most beautiful raw materials, she is acutely aware of the little details that make all the difference.

For Karine, creative vision is worth far more than a degree in marketing. She looks beyond logic and reason, putting her faith in instinct and intuition.

With her unique, distinctive style, Karine loves to tell stories through fragrance. Guided by her perfumer's nose, she conjures up olfactory landscapes and composes fragrances that evoke a time, a moment.

After training at the Roure (now Givaudan) perfumery school, Karine Dubreil worked for major perfume houses (Florasynth/Symrise, Drom and Mane). Over a period of more than twenty years, she created fragrances for the most prestigious brands, including Guerlain, Gucci and Lanvin, and niche brands such as Jo Malone, L’Artisan Parfumeur, Fragonard, etc.

In 2012, she founded her own fragrance creation company.