About us

A new olfactory ritual that brings together fragrance and hair care.

At the heart of MIMESIS lies a desire: to shake up the rules, to break with convention, to introduce something completely new that strikes the perfect balance between fragrance and hair care.
At the heart of MIMESIS lies a passion: for telling olfactory stories, for creating fragrances that reveal themselves gradually, moment by moment. MIMESIS expresses the world through fragrance, capturing the facets of ingredients like the many facets of our lives.

At the heart of MIMESIS lies a mission: to bring back a long-forgotten, ancient tradition. Perfume and hair care were once one; why shouldn’t they be so again? Fragrance can be a mirror of reality, the shadow that expresses your personality, the reflection of a moment, the echo of a landscape.


How MIMESIS begin

Finally, at the heart of MIMESIS lies a duo: two people driven by a passion, who complement each other to perfection.

Corentin Le Men is a true fragrance aficionado. Fascinated by the work that goes into creating a fragrance, he wants to explore new ways of wearing it.

Marion Massiot is passionate about beauty care, always ahead of the latest trends.

Together, they dreamed of MIMESIS. And to make this dream a reality, they called on the services of true experts.


Karine Dubreuil : a true artist of perfumery

Above all else, Karine believes that to create a fine fragrance, you must choose exceptional ingredients. Uncompromising when it comes to quality, constantly seeking out the most beautiful raw materials, she is acutely aware of the little details that make all the difference.

For Karine, creative vision is worth far more than a degree in marketing. She looks beyond logic and reason, putting her faith in instinct and intuition.

With her unique, distinctive style, Karine loves to tell stories through fragrance. Guided by her perfumer’s nose, she conjures up olfactory landscapes and composes fragrances that evoke a time, a moment.